Our Vision

Where are we going?
Make skincare packaging with the lowest possible CO2e emission on the market from renewable sources

Our Mission

Why we are here?
A future where we only use natural and renewable product to sustain our lifestyle

1. Build trust

with transparency

We are willing to share our knowledge and make it easy to be accessed and understood.

2. Honesty

To us, honesty is about having a transparent, direct, and open dialogue with everyone and being truthful to yourself about your failures. We listen and we know we will be listened to and disagreements are productive way to solve problems.

Our Values


3.Stubborn optimism 

We always bear in mind why a better future is worth fighting for and it motivates us daily to be the driving force of change no matter what!

4. Encourage change

We dare to fail fast and learn from our experience to make a better future.

5. Radical collaboration

We are always willing to work with anyone who can help address today’s complex challenges  – even a competitor
We don’t believe in one person's gain is equivalent to another's loss.

6. Be bold and move fast

The faster we iterate, the better the quality of the product and service we provide.