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Material from seagrass

Converting a waste problem into a valuable natural resource, creating the future of biocomposites

Coastgrass biocomposites are made from eelgrass and renewable binders. The biocomposite is delivered in pellets that can be injection moulded, extruded or rotation moulded into rigid products like plastic products produced today. The Coastgrass biocomposite is a more environmentally friendly alternative to fossil based plastic, since it comes from renewable sources and can capture and hold CO2 in the material for long living products 

Made from upcycled seagrass collected from the beaches

Limitless product possibilities

Skincare & cosmetics packaging

Carefully chosen ingredients deserves the right packaging 

Luxury  packaging

Responsible products deserve responsible packaging


Renewable materials are a big part of rethinking furniture.

Panels & elements

The future lies in responsible materials

Home appliances & equipment

Aesthetics and function can also be more  sustainable
Eelgrass regenerates every 6 to 8 weeks, unlike fossil plastic that take millions of years to form.

Do you need an individual design or want to personalize your products? 

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